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Love on a Leash brightened up our campus today with their furry friends, spreading smiles and relieving stress! 🐾💙

With midterm and 8-week final exams looming, the BCC C.A.R.E. team organized this heartwarming initiative to help our campus community unwind and recharge. The response was overwhelmingly positive, especially among the students! #loveonaleash #pawsitivevibes #destresswithdogs #bladencccares
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Last week, the worlds of biology and emergency medical services (EMS) collided in a symphony of excitement and education! 🧑🏽‍🔬🚑

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Airlife North Carolina took center stage, presenting a captivating exploration into the realm of Rapid Sequence Intubation and an extensive review of advanced airway techniques frequently employed in the field. The dynamic synergy between these two disciplines illuminated the intricacies of life-saving procedures and enhanced the understanding of real-world applications.

Meanwhile, in Dr. Locklear's anatomy and physiology class, students eagerly delved into the wonders of the human respiratory system. As the class embarked on their journey through the anatomy of breath, the collaboration unfolded in perfect harmony. Students from both sides of the academic spectrum came together, sharing their unique skills and comprehensive knowledge, creating an engaging and interactive learning experience.

The fusion of biology and EMS not only deepened the understanding of the respiratory system but also sparked a vibrant exchange of insights and expertise. The classroom became a stage for the symphony of knowledge, where each note played by Airlife North Carolina and Dr. Locklear's class resonated with enthusiasm and a thirst for understanding. This collaboration was not just a study session; it was an educational crescendo, leaving everyone inspired and excited about the incredible world of the respiratory system!

Stephanie Perry and Jeremy Richardson, Airlife North Carolina, your passion for sharing knowledge soared to new heights, breaking through the mundane and setting the stage on fire with your brilliance. The air at Bladen Community College crackled with excitement as you took center stage, transforming the ordinary into an extraordinary learning extravaganza. Their expertise became a beacon, illuminating the corridors of Bladen Community College with the radiance of insight and the thrill of discovery.
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Proud school moment - when an instructor from BCC comes to brag on a class full of your students...
Can we just tell you how proud we are of our Nighthawks?
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